An Ancient Lifestyle, Brand New

Please allow me to introduce myself: I am just a ball of cotton. When I burst into flower at harvest time in the Eastern provinces of India,
little did I know that I was not a random ball of cotton and was actually destined for a therapeutic life! I was born in a supervised
eco-plantation and in my very early days was spun into a noble yarn of certified pure GOTS cotton, and then woven into the softest,
hypoallergenic, breathable material all skins love.

I then travelled to the tropics where a family of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Doctors) with traditional Ayurveda recipes for textiles has been
creating special fabric for centuries. After a fortnight of macerations, treatments and other unique procedures I was totally transformed
according to Ayurvedic principles.

Where this all happens can only be described as a true organic paradise; here my purpose was forever changed to a holistic approach:
Amidst a vast primal forest and by a pristine lake, wild herbs, plants and bark are handpicked for me by local tribal communities who
live on nature, for nature and are happiest inside nature. Their happiness is infectious because as they infuse me with their herbs I smile
with good health too. My transformation into a magical fabric includes a final rinse in fresh ground water, purifying me to the core, and
making the fish happy.

I am then taken to a clothing manufacturing atelier, probably one of the finest in the country where every step of my making is geared
towards comfort and wearing pleasure down to the protected seams and the pure cotton thread I am sewn together with. My creators
believe it is the simplicity of the garment that will make my wearer like me most and that the pure and elegant lines of my design are the
optimal base to appreciate me and my treatment: a soothing garment made with thought and care to be relaxed, personal, even intimate,
enhancing the feeling of inner beauty and vibrancy. The result is a garment that shelters your skin, arguably your biggest organ and
protects your body from ambient toxins.

Wearing Ayurganic is an act of responsibility, sustainability and consciousness.

It feels like coming home to calm down and nourish your body and soul