The trip begins with a calm sunny day at the Balarampuram factory and we are here to witness decoding of the Ayurganic procedure after an early morning yoga session and scrumptious south-indian delicacies at breakfast.

Mr. K Rajan takes us through the step by step process of dyeing the Ayurganic fabric, starting with herbs collected from the tribal communities of the Agastya forest, to the life-enhancing river rinse at the Neyyar river, to the final stage of achieving the perfect Ayurganic fabric that exudes wellness and health and has in itself the power to heal one’s body when worn on a regular basis.

The three wholesome days in Kerala prove to be one of the best experiences for all, with an insider’s view to the backend of Ayurganic along with key interactions with Mr. Hemant Sagar to understand the intensity of the R&D that goes into the making of one Ayurganic garment.

Ms. Vasudha seen having a conversation with Mr. Hemant Sagar

Some very eminent people from the industry joined our Ayurganic Fam on this Kerala journey to witness the first hand Ayurganic experience. A special mention to all the beautiful ladies:

Ms. Vasudha Rai, Freelance Writer and Editor , The Hindu

Ms. Geeta Rao, Freelance writer and Editor, Live Mint

Ms. Neeti Mehra, Founder, Beej Living

Ms. Tatiana Dias, Editor, Elle

Ms. Surbhi Shukla, Stylist, Grazia

Ms. Prachiti Parakh, Stylist Femina

Ms. Naandika Tripathi, Junior Editor, Forbes

As it was time to sail away, we realized that we left as one family- The Ayurganic Family, the one who believes in the power of coming home to one’s own body – To find purpose to love oneself. Ayurganic vastra are an amalgamation of that feeling and we at Ayurganic want to initiate proactive measures to exude this feeling to every living being.

The journey did not end here. It continued with the experiences of each of these people.

Read what they have to say about Ayurganic, as Ms. Geeta Rao penned down her love for the concept in Live Mint, Ms. Vasudha Rai talks about Mr. Hemant’s personal connection and love towards Ayurganic in The Hindu and Ms.Naandika emphasizes on the Ayurvastra preparation technique and history of the craft in Forbes India.