Manufactured by Mother Earth

The new wellness line by Ayurganic is a premium leisurewear collection that uses only organic,
herb infused fabrics

Conscious Clothing

The clothes are really beautiful, I would like to wear only these clothes and also my husband said I look very pretty in it! I wear the clothes all day, even just for shopping!

MARJOLEINE PITSCH Yoga therapist, Lucerne, Switzerland April 9, 2018

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“Almost ten years ago, I was a young journalist and my favourite thing to write about was sustainable and greener future. One day my editor at the time told me she’s taking me somewhere special. We ended up at the Lecoanet Hemant factory + studio, and what I saw that day blew my mind. Here were two top notch, A-list designers who had created a massive space that fulfilled the promise of being humane, green, and practical. It was a dream, one I’ve often thought about in the decade that followed. You’ll understand then why I wasn’t surprised when I heard these guys had launched something called Ayurganic, a line of clothing and meditation wear completely organic, gentle on your skin, infused with herbs and aesthetically gorgeous. Something came full circle in my life when they approached me to represent them. I don’t think saying ‘no’ was ever an option.”

– Karuna Ezara,
Writer, Poet and Model

New collection live now!

Our new line of organic, herb infused clothing that is breathable, sustainable and aligned with the Earth.