What is Ayurganic?

Created under the supervision of Ayurvedic Scientists in India, Ayurganic represents a new benchmark in consciously curated apparel. Scientific, sustainable and Spiritual elements merge with design to form comfortable, breathable and distinctive clothing.

Manufactured by Mother Earth

The new wellness line by Ayurganic is a premium leisurewear collection that uses only organic,
herb infused fabrics

Conscious Clothing

The clothes are really beautiful, I would like to wear only these clothes and also my husband said I look very pretty in it! I wear the clothes all day, even just for shopping!

MARJOLEINE PITSCH Yoga therapist, Lucerne, Switzerland April 9, 2018

Ayurganic for Yoga

Coming Soon Рour new line of organic, herb infused clothing that is breathable, sustainable and aligned with the Earth. Designed for conscious yoga practitioners to deepen their practice with holistic fabrics