I am but a simple cotton ball, at least I thought so in the beginning … I would like to share with you the extraordinary story of what makes me so different from what standard cotton is generally understood as …

I am born in an eco-plantation of supervised permaculture and my fluffy body is then spun into a noble yarn of cotton and woven into the softest, breathable, hypoallergenic material which all skins love. This procedure totally changes my pedigree compared to my distant family which is also called cotton! In fact I am an exception and it officially certifies me at the level of Global Organic  Textile Standard (GOTS)

Now that I am a material and all spun, the next step I go through to become Ayurganic is even more transformational:

This treatment which enhances me has been developed over the centuries by a family of Vaidyas (Ayurveda doctors) that has been creating special fabrics in South India following confirmed Ayurveda principles …. They take me through a fortnight of treatments which include boiling me in a very precise mix of herbs, macerating me in specific herbal oils and minerals, and many other unique procedures using wild herbs, plants and bark, all handpicked by tribal communities of the region thus transforming me into a unique product of Mother Nature.

I am then taken to the Lecoanet Hemant Atelier in Gurugram, where every step of my creation is geared towards comfort and  pleasurable wearing .. right down to the protected seams and the pure cotton thread I am sewn together with.

At last, after this long procedure I become a garment as a standard Ayurganic promise – one that shelters your skin and protects your body from ambient toxins.

Wearing Ayurganic is an act of responsibility, sustainability and consciousness – it feels like coming home to yourself, to calm and nourish your body and soul.