In a world increasingly plagued by the scourge of environmental degradation, born out of wasteful human practices, the time has come to disrupt fashion with natural innovation.

Today, almost all functional clothing is made entirely out of synthetic, mostly petroleum based materials.

While brands and manufacturers argue that plastic is cheaper than organic material, they also ignore the long term costs of environmental damage caused by these very same materials!

Nature has 3.8 billion years of innovation experience and, if only we were too look in her direction for inspiration, there is no end to the creative luxury that can emerge.

Our philosophy was to develop and manufacture natural, unique and sustainable textile while supporting local communities.

An environmentally responsible alternative to synthetic fabrics.

We wanted to take an industry that has become cemented in its approach to materials, designs and usability, and turn it on its head with a completely new paradigm of thought.

Imagine wearing clothing that comes from the earth, can be worn for multiple years, and then be returned to the earth, perhaps even your backyard…

Why is it necessary/important?

Human Beings around the world are becoming more aware about their impact on the environment and their relationship with Mother Earth. This growing awareness is also creating a growing need to consume products that are in harmony with the environment…it is
time for fashion to align to this emerging paradigm and write the next chapter in the social narrative on sustainability. Designers have a responsibility, in fact, to lead this movement in showing people that nature and conscious consumption CAN be chic.