What fascinates me about natural, plant-based dyes is not only their importance for the well-being of the planet, including the potential to eliminate the effects of chemical dyes in our water supply, but also their more subtle healing aspects for the wearer. Which is why today’s editorial is highlighting a new line of loungewear called Ayurganic, a brand raising the level of recovery for both the consumer, the producer and the environment. Their line incorporates plant dyes into their designs, drawing on the revival of an ancient practice called Ayurvastra.

Based on Ayurvedic medicine, the 5,000-year-old philosophy of health and healing, Ayurvastra clothing is made from organic cotton fabric treated with precise combinations of herbs and oils thought to promote health and help cure diseases. Loosely translated, “ayur” is Sanskrit for health, “veda” means wisdom, and “vastra” is cloth or clothing.


Based on the principles of restoring balance within the body and strengthening the immune system, the clothing is worn to treat a broad range of diseases, including skin infections, eczema, and psoriasis. Whether or not one is a believer, Ayurvastra cloth is attractive simply for its zero impact: it is completely free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants, organic, sustainable, and biodegradable.

While Ayurvastra may be attractive simply because of its history and purity, it would be nice to think the health benefits are genuine. So, if it works, how does it work? It is the essence of the cloth’s proximity to skin— the body’s largest organ. The skin can act as a barrier, but it can also be a conduit for outside substances to enter the body. Proponents of natural clothing assert that environmental toxins and chemicals in conventional fabrics are assimilated into the body through the skin.

Ayurganic’s brand philosophy goes beyond its method of creation; the essence of the brand is rooted in activities tied to mindfulness, from meditation to yoga. The neutral loungewear is designed in such a way that is meant for uninhibited motion, yet relaxation.

The line is curated to a few, everyday wear pieces: from their Knee Length Bath Rope with its new and different wrap style meant to underline the body with two side slits while hugging your waist, to the comfortable ankle length-sarong style wrap around skirt.


Vishaki Robe

Veda Top

Bindu Wrap Around Skirt

Photos by Sabrina Claros