The sound of the waves, the soft sand between the toes and the sun on the skin – this sounds like a holiday! A few weeks ago I went to Thailand to just relax, enjoy the peace and just read a book again without thinking about work. A break is more important in our time, and then came a spontaneous holiday but just right. On Koh Samui I let my soul dangle, watched the waves and listened to the native birds singing. Back from paradise, I brought home some exciting Koh Samui Travel Diaries and summery outfits.

For the perfect swimming holiday, I found what I liked, at Weekday. Weekday’s minimalist one-shoulder swimsuit is just perfect for the beach. For this I wear, if it should be a bit more comfortable, an Ayurganic bathrobe made of organic cotton. As you can see from the name already out of the name, Ayurganic specializes in the natural powers of Ayurveda and the best quality for man and nature. High-quality workmanship & materials as well as a piece of luxury for at home or traveling is the keyword here. After a long day in the strong sun, the skin needs a break. Thanks to the light organic cotton this morning or bathrobe clings to the body without irritating it. Especially after a refreshing shower you feel wrapped up in the coat all the more relaxed. From Ayurganic there are other items on the official website, such as pants or dresses, made of supple organic cotton and fair production. 


 I hope I could get you into a holiday mood or even inspire you on your next trip! Look forward to the other looks from Thailand as well as my tips and tricks for Koh Samui. Was anyone of you on Koh Samui or is the holiday on this beautiful island still to come? I am looking forward to your feedback! Love, Alice.