Our Founder, Hemant Sagar on the power of therapeutic drapes


Lesson: Health is a journey that starts within 

Dysco’s annual eco-festival on Sustainable solutions had us head over to Mumbai. Our Founder, Hemant Sagar answered a few questions for Lover Magazine’s May Digital Issue on Ayurganic’s contribution towards making the planet healthy and happy.

“It is by educating consumers about the importance of living consciously, to ensure their improved health, energy and concentration, we have the power to change the displeasing circumstances we thought we had to live with.

The garments or ayurvastra (ayur and vastra meaning health and cloth respectively in Sanskrit) have been permeated with special herbs and oils making them free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants. We are not only sustainable, and ecological, we also have a „soothing function” that barely exists elsewhere. Wearing these garments helps restore balance within the body and strengthens the immune system that suffers in the ambient toxicity we live in.”

Show, don’t tell: Our factory recycles water.